Your Full-Service Oil & Gas Production Equipment Partner

Aspire has a wide selection of oil & gas production equipment in stock ready to be put into service
with flexible lease, rent and financing options available.

  • Dehydration Units

    Dehydration Units

    The Glycol Dehydration Unit is a dependable system for removing water from a natural gas well or stream in order to meet pipeline or process specifications

  • Flare knock-out drum

    Flare knock-out drum

    A Flare Knock Out Drum (FKOD) is installed upstream of a flare stack to prevent liquids from entering the stack and causing unacceptable smoke emissions

  • Flare stacks

    Flare stacks

    A flare or vent stack is a piece of safety equipment used in oil and gas facilities to burn off the unusable, flammable gas released during a variety of process situations

  • Line heaters

    Line heaters

    Indirect fired line heaters are a tried and true method to prevent the formation of hydrates in a flowing natural gas stream

  • Meter packages

    Meter packages

    Wellsite meter packages are primarily used to measure natural gas production and do not have an upstream separator to separate the fluids

  • Wellsite separators

    Wellsite separators

    Separators are used when the accurate measurement of each fluid stream is essential to ensuring all stakeholders are allocated their share of the production



Learn More About Our Projects

雷竞技在线登陆追求的设计师和交易的人have completed a wide variety of fabrication projects over the past 25 years. We offer design and fabrication services from one fully equipped facility.


Why Choose Aspire Remanufactured Equipment

We have the team and resources to complete your project from start to finish.

  • Value


    Refurbished equipment is a fraction of the cost of new and we pass those savings on to our customers.

  • Quick Delivery

    Quick Delivery

    Starting from main components like pressure vessels reduces equipment lead times.

  • Quality


    Our refurbished equipment meets or exceeds industry standards and is backed by our extensive one-year warranty.

  • Inventory


    Select from a large inventory of equipment to begin your next project.

  • Full-Service Provider

    Full-Service Provider

    Welding, pipefitting, coating, instrumentation, electrical, buildings and insulation completed by one company.

  • Facility & Location

    Facility & Location

    Our 45,000 sq. ft. facility and 11 acres of yard space, directly adjacent to QEII reduces transportation costs.


Industries We Serve

We deliver equipment to multiple sectors within the energy industry.

  • Oil

  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas
  • Midstream

  • Wellsite

  • ABSA
  • ComplyWorks
  • COR
  • ISN