Aspire Lease and Rental Program

Aspire offers our new and reconditioned equipment for lease, rent, or lease-to-purchase. Our lease and rent programs are more flexible than traditional financing companies, allowing you to use our equipment for both short term rentals and a long-term lease. UtilizeAspire’s engineering and fabrication expertiseto modify the equipment to your needs at no extra cost beyond the terms of the lease.

The Aspire Advantage

Aspire has over 25 years’ experience designing, engineering, and fabricating process equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our engineering department has experience working for a wide range of company specifications. We use this experience on all reconditioned equipment so the customer can rest assured that it meets all provincial and industry standards.

Unsure what size of equipment you require? No Problem. Draw from Aspire’s expertise to help size the equipment. Aspire offers flexible equipment exchange privileges on long term leases to help you get it right. This way you don’t have to waste time or money confirming process conditions that are often difficult to determine.

Advantages of Leasing or Renting Equipment from Aspire

  • Flexible lease and rental terms
  • All refurbished equipment is fully inspected and backed by a one-year warranty
  • Exchange equipment if under or oversized as production needs change
  • Full engineering and design services included in long-term leases
  • Full in-house shop fabrication services included in long-term leases
  • Add web SCADA and security system monitoring as part of the lease

We Own the Equipment in Our Inventory

One of Aspire’s biggest advantages is that we already own the equipment in our inventory AND it’s in our yard in Red Deer. This decreases delivery time and cost uncertainty because there is:

  • No negotiating the purchase price with another oil & gas company
  • No extra field time disconnecting equipment
  • No extra costs transporting equipment from site to a shop for refurbishing
  • No extra costs cleaning out equipment and disposing of hazardous wastes
  • 没有额外费用检查壁厚或管道ion because in most cases we have already completed this at the time of purchase
  • Immediate confirmation of inventory availability
  • Quick turnaround of additional information and pictures or;
  • Visit our yard and evaluate multiple pieces of equipment with a single visit

Why Rent or Lease

  • Free up valuable capital for finding and developing oil & gas reserves
  • Great for companies with limited capital resources
  • Avoid over-capitalizing your well sites
  • No commitment to purchasing equipment that may not be used in your long term plans
  • Renting allows you to test technical ideas before settling on a piece of equipment
  • Exchange your equipment to match changing production needs

If renting or leasing isn’t right for you, select our lease-to-purchase option. You still have the ability to return and exchange the equipment as needed within the term but with the benefit of paying into the purchase price monthly, reducing the purchase price when and if you do choose to buy.

Check out our large Inventory of equipment and then call us today to discuss how Aspire’s Lease and Rental Program will work on your next project.


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