Pressure Vessel lol赔率雷电竞 and Repairs

Pressure Vessel lol赔率雷电竞 and Repairs to ABSA and ASME Standards

Thepressure vessel fabricationprocess applied by the professionals from雷竞技app最新版下载consists of:

  • Design and registration
  • lol赔率雷电竞
  • Assembly/installation of internals
  • Coating (internal and external)
  • Heat tracing and insulation
  • Inspection and testing

Our pressure vessels are constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel, and they are manufactured entirely at the Aspire facility in Red Deer, Alberta.

Pressure Vessel lol赔率雷电竞
Aspire has been designing and manufacturing pressure vessels for use throughout the energy industry in Western Canada for more than 20 years. Over this period, our team has amassed a vast collection of vessel designs; as a result, there is a strong likelihood that our catalogue contains configurations that will satisfy the majority of related needs within this industry.

In addition, our specialists have the capabilities to repair and/or modify existing pressure vessels to assist clients with respect to:

  • Minimizing costly downtime
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Avoiding the cost of vessel replacements
  • Compliance with changes to codes/standards

Some of the projects/operations for which Aspire has fabricated or repaired pressure vessels would include:


  • Oil/Water Inlet Separators
  • Free Water Knock-Out Separators
  • Flare Knock-Out Drums
  • Various Process Vessels
  • Process Filters

Repairs and Alterations

  • Alterations for vessel re-purposing
  • Nozzle replacements or additions
  • Internal replacements
  • Repairs due to corrosion or erosion

A Pressure VesselAspire Energy Resources Inc. holds certifications from theAlberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the fabrication, repair, and alteration of pressure vessels including those in the U-stamp class. Our team can create stand-alone vessels or fabricate as part of an overall Equipment Module or Skidded Package that includes Piping, Electrical, and Instrumentation Systems.

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Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

Oil\Water Inlet Separator:这个国际项目与你完成r partner Aker Process Systems. Aspire completed the package detail design based off of the proprietary oil separation technology from Aker. (Oilwater Inlet Separator)

Pressure Vessel Design

Top Head Access Flange Addition:A vessel alteration project that included the installation of a removable top head so the Client could easily remove the internals. (Top Head Access Flange Addition)

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